Thursday, March 13, 2008

April's fool fun

Hello ladies, I have been so enjoying writing these hints for you. In the process of answering friends and family members questions I have collected some "things". We all collect the things we enjoy. I have a porcelain doll collection, an antique button collection, sheep, and rabbits and fiber books. I am a spinner hence the collection of sheep, rabbit and fiber baring animal things. The collection I want to pass along to you is my basics. yes meals are so fast when you have a basic muffin, roll, pancake, syrup, popover recipe you can get at and use at the moment your meal needs that standard prepared item. So I wish to make you a gift of my collection of basics. It will be on Cd and it will include all that I consider a must to have and use and change and to adjust to make it your own. We will call it the 2008 edition, by next year it will have a lot more added to it. So the only thing I ask is an e-mail with your address. That's it. You can send it in a comment as they are only seen by me until I OK them and I won't put any of them on the blog I will just collect them so I can mail you.....on April fools day.....a Cd of my basics. Yes I will cruise on down that 2.5 mile jaunt to the Post office and mail these off to you. A fitting and fun thing to do on April fools day! This isn't a joke, really!


George said...

requesting my basics course please... or am I too expensive to send to?... if not, then does my basics course come with fishy crackers? ;-)
you know my address, I think... it's something like daughter #2 in lala land, very far away, somewhere on the other side of the earth

The Stokes said...

Count me in....daughter #4, the nothing is ever good enough for me, moved down 'south', whiny, control freak, I think you have my address too ;) Oh yeah, and if daughter #2 gets fishy crackers can I get the Pesto recipe? :p