Monday, March 3, 2008

Water outside, Water inside, let's make boats

It's raining again in the Pacific Northwest. I think enough is enough! On top of all that we have to change that ole clock forward Saturday night. Such punishment. Everyone knows that children and over worked adults can't adjust to this kind of stuff!
So if your kiddo's are little fill up the kitchen sink, if bigger put some water in the tub. Make these paper boats and have some water fun. If you take a piece of wax paper and cut and fold with the computer paper (treating it as if it were one piece of paper) you will have a boat that lasts much longer. Have races, try to blow those boats around. Splash them. Nothing better that permitted water play on a rainy day.
Directions: get a piece of 8 1/2" X 11 inch paper (see if you can see the photo above)
#1 Fold the paper in half crosswise
#2 Fold 1 of the top corners down to the center
#3 Fold down the other corner (looks like a pen point now)
#4 fold both front and back long edges up (like a little hem)
#5 push ends toward the center, flatten. (looks like a square now)
#6 Turn bottom corner up, do other corner (another square hope you can see the photo)
#7 Push the ends together again. (arrows pointing toward center)
#8 Flatten the boat sideways again (arrows going away toward the sides)
#9 Gently pull top corners open. Shape the sides of boat. Set boat in water. Give it a push.
You can color these, use crayons as the wax does well in the water and water soluble pens only dye the water, hands and sink. You can cut out a small paper sail. Tape it to a plastic coffee stirrer or toothpick and tape it to the point of center of your boat.

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