Monday, March 24, 2008

The samurai's Garden

I just finished the April book for our book club. It's the samurai's Garden. I highly suggest it for your Spring read. It takes place in Japan in 1937-38 during a troubled war with China. A young man, college age, has been sent to his Chinese families summer home in Japan. He is ill with Tb and the coastal air is thought to be helpful. This is a charming story of his life there, seen through his journal. I could hardly put this book down. the characters are real to life and interesting. I could feel the ocean air, smell the flowers in the garden. I could taste the lovely meals that were prepared for this boy. I now want mochi for lunch so Clint how do I cook it again?
You will be happy with the outcome and maybe even enjoy the few tears this book brings. The author Gail Tsukiyama is Chinese/Japanese American, prefect for sharing this story of a Chinese boy in a waring Japan!
Costco here has the book, but don't forget the library is a free source of reading material.
Oh it's spring and I'd love to be in Japan again. Loved Cherry blossom season. This book will take you there along with a whole year of Japan's seasons.
For my son I suggest he and his wife read it out loud together! He and my daughter Cheryl can pronounce all the lovely Japanese words used in this book
Happy reading!


The Stokes said...

That little Cherry Blossom key chain you brought back for me from Japan still hange on my rear view mirror in my car :). Although sadly, Jared drives it more than I do now.

Fonnell said...

I bought that cherry blossom key chain in Tokyo. The city was so crowed and busy it wore me out after a day of walking around. Clint had an idea that the beautiful gardens would be a good get away. It was in the gift shop there I bought that little key chain. It was my first purchase using Japanese yen, All by myself. I'd lost everyone somewhere in the garden. It was easy as the yen is in 10's. I was so happy to be successful in buying it. I also got a little plate with a bird on it for myself. That garden was like magic for us. Several Buddha monks carried incense through the garden and as the evening came on the garden changed so beautifully. Miles of gardens and shrines right in Tokyo. I hope you can visit during cherry blossom season some day. It is so unbelievable!