Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Plan, A Plan we need a plan!

I believe that the number one thing that takes up our time is


The ladies in my age group we just don't want to do it any more. YET, there is nothing I enjoy more than preparing a meal for someone who enjoys eating it. Just not 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. I've been thinking about this for a good long while. When my husband was working away from home for what looked to be a year I was faced with how to cook for just me. It made me think a lot about how to get a healthy meal that was good yet very fast. Some of you ladies are talking about needing just the very same thing only for a family who will demand it be on time to match the tummy grumbles! So we should explore this and come up with some helpful ways to make meals work for our modern lives. HOWEVER, I have the busiest week since the beginning of the year and won't be home days or nights.

It's kick off for the fair and R.S birthday celebration and Lilly to baby sit for and maybe a trip in the planning. With that in mind I will start slowly on this subject and if you grow impatient you can send in some comments as you think of ideas, or put them on your own blogs and I will go there for inspiration. Come next week I will hit this blog big with meal planning help. I cooked not only for the 7 of us for 0ver 30 years but also spent 5 years cooking for 100's of hungry Jr. High kids. I know what an important subject this is!

So while I put this blog together, do me a favor and watch how your family meals go. Figure out what days are problems and why, what times are difficult. What foods are puzzling you. Watch what tools you have and need. Make me some lists and be ready to help me find ways to help you.

On your mark, Get set......... Go........we will have a cooking plan soon.

P.S that food chart is from the 1980's. It no longer works and I'll show you why.


Eden said...

Not only would I like to make a working meal plan, but with the Church's new guideline for food storage, I need it to work in case of emergency life situations. The new guideline is to have 3 month's supply of your every day food in the pantry (or in storage bins under the bed as we do). So, I guess what I'm looking for is a month-long meal plan with substitutes, so maybe 5 weeks, that I can just buy 3 times that and try to always have that much food on hand. As we brain storm, let's see if we can come up with that many meals. Anyone else up to the challenge???

Fonnell said...

Oh yes, I'm very good at this kind of meal planning. I will write a blog just for storage. Everyone can start posting their ideas now. Remember storage includes canned items, things in the fridge, dry items, bottles items. It's about all the place you can and do put your food. I will write us a good deal of information on this..after my little birthday get away!