Friday, December 19, 2008

Things that just have to be done!

Nothing like a tall fence post to prop your camera on and take a photo

This is just up the street from my house, we took a nice afternoon

walk in the neighborhood

Click on photos to enlarge just be ready to feel the cold chill


Winter brings on chores that just have to be done. I'm sure you will agree that "Life" has chores that just have to be done, but winter chores need repeating over and over. Come see a little of what we do a couple times a day in cold weather. Quickly put your coat and gloves on and come join me!

I did water duty yesterday but today I brought bleach boy. He loves to pound the ice!

I think he's studying the job.

Bleach boy still has California sun in his soul and you rarely see him with gloves and

never with mittens!

This is not as thick as yesterday nothing can get a drink with all that ice!

Oh Gracie is so happy to have company. In the winter the goats get very wild from lack of contact, but today she was delighted to see us. She let me pull all the berry bushes out of her wool and I didn't have to put her in a drop hold.

How about a little warm hug time Gracie.

Now we are going to take a pasture walk and see where Gracie has been going. I want to see if any green is available for her to eat so I can deal with the hay issues. Her little hooves leave narrow paths. She has zig zaged all over the place. I can see some of it was curiosity over what a neighbor was doing or a stop under one of the big cedars to keep out of the snow. I also wanted to check on the wild birds. A few Chickadees were about, nothing else. Once or twice a robin has remained and not migrated and I'd taken extra effort to provide shelter, food and water. No robins today. Some medium size animal had walked South to North in the snow. Might have been a cat or skunk or something of that size.

The winter sky is so pretty at this time of day aren't you glad you came along?

We've checked everything out and are heading from the back pasture to the front pasture. This is where I hang from the trees in my hammock chair in the summer. Too cold for that now.

Penny waits for us. The dogs are not allowed in the pastures. Penny is a blue healer mix and would be a wonderful goat herder but she is deaf and I can't control her. When we had more goats and they'd find ways out of the pasture I'd use penny to put them back and she was wonderful if she's looking for my hand signals.

We are back to the house now. I'm standing in the middle yard where all the play toys and swings etc are. I'm going to walk right over to that glass door at the back of the house and go in and warm up!

See you next time we do a winter chore.

I didn't actually go to the house, I went and re-did all the water tins for the birds. I added some fresh seed deeded to me by youngest daughter.


Lyndy said...

Vwry nice pictures. It's home.. and wow, every once in a while I realize just how much property you have! It's hard to come by like that now!

knits plenty said...

Hi It's me Diana, It looks just unbelievable, I don't think it snowed like that much, befor we moved. This morning I got up to 22 below, and plan on it being even colder tomorrow morning. We here in North Central Wa are expecting 7 to 10 inches by Sunday morning, they (the weather people) haven't said that we would be getting the winds you are . Love the pictures, they bring back fond memories of the coast and having animals to take care of when the weather doesn't coperate. Say Hi to Lyndy for. L. Diana

Jessica said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. I love the snow draping over the trees.

George said...

Brrr! So that's what I am missing since they canceled my flight.
Well hoping for better weather tomorrow do I can come join you for a cuppa cocoa :)

Fonnell said...

Far away daugher,I made chocolate cake and with cocoa we'll all be warm! Hoping your flight can land tomorrow, it's ugly tonight.

It's nice to hear from your Diana, I love your knits plenty title. When I have a knitting problem I always think of you, you're such a great knitter!

Oh Jessica The snow is amazing out here. Are you enjoying it?

and youngest you can bring your little people to explore this big piece of property any time. Logan is at an age to love to wander it, so much to see and do!