Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things about home for the kids

Got 2 1/2 almost 3 inches of snow last night. I know this will make those of you who went to school here HOME SICK. There's nothing like a snow day from school As you all may have figured when it snows here we get ice and church was canceled today. I had three meetings that didn't happen.

So I'm putting on some home grown photos for my kids. Hope you enjoy the feeling of being here. I'm saving cocoa and a book or two to read for all of you. Wish you could make it. We miss you a bunch! We can however web cam a little Christmas tree reading get together! Call to set it up!

Bleach Boy had great fun putting up lights

Those power lines get much too low to the ground each time it snows

Gracie is hiding away in the shelter, I don't blame her she looks yellow against the snow!

Come read a book with us?

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Lyndy said...

Fun lights!