Monday, December 8, 2008

Dorothy Day Awe!

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Back from the left- Anna Rose, Annette, Mildred, Pat, Me

In front from the left-Dolores, Corky, Dorothy, Annie

Those of you who know me know about my friend Dorothy.

Well today was our holiday gathering at her home and what a wonderful time we had!

Oh the goodies, the many conversations, the gift exchange, the group photo, all of it perfect.
We make handmade gifts to exchange on this day, this year it was a project made to fit from the elbow down. What amazing gifts we found in our packages.
I'm hoping the ladies will come take a peek at their fun photos. Everyone else is welcome to join us and marvel at all the hand spun, hand knit, cleverly made gifts. (we are all textile folks)
Let me introduce you to my friends.
( I hope they keep me after I do this to them!)

Fashion Women and her new fingerless gloves

Made by Dorothy

That is thumbing your nose double
Felted pot holders made by Pat.... WOW color!

This package didn't want to open, it was paper wars for a bit!

Beautiful fingerless gloves

We watched Dolores spin the varied colored yarn at fair. Nice job!

Maybe no one noticed what Annette was working on all afternoon but look where it ended up!

Yes that's the headband Annette was working on, very shrewd!

The fingerless gloves were made in a pretty lace stitch in all the colors of an Autumn afternoon. Perfect!

We love to pass around the goods and check them out for new stitches

and great fibers!

There are no photos of me opening my gift but here are the fingerless gloves made by Annie

The fun story in all this is I have received Annie's work for several years now, even though we draw randomly.....I am one lucky lady cuz Annie can sure create!
Wow I was thinking we had something against fingers! But these red gloves prove Anna Rose can make fingers! The stitch was so stretchy. Everyone wants to use it!
Yes we do study the projects, Dolores is getting personal instruction from Anna Rose so ask her if you want to know about this stitch.

I didn't catch Pat modeling her gift but I made them, so you can see them up close. I guess it looks like I don't believe in fingers either!

This is a great story too

I got an e-mail telling me that all this alpaca yarn was being sold on the dock

Seems a Russian company ordered it from Peru and couldn't pay for it in the end so it sat on the dock

I got about 14 colors in large containers and wish I had bought more. The labels are in Russian, too fun

Someone else who didn't believe in fingers was Mildred, but wow that hand knit copper bracelet was a tiny tube and so pretty. What amazing projects!

Glamore Women one handed!

This is a hand spun cotton bath mitt and a basket full of lovely smelling bath goodies

Corky even gave us each a lavender bath toss that had us all in scent happy land

Oh and such wonderful homemade goodies, the calories the calories!

Are you wishing you were there?

Everyone goes home with a nice tin of cookies

Sad when it's time to go home. This party kicks off the holidays for most of us and we fondly look forward to it. Now it's time to say good bye.
Bye Dorothy
Bye Athena
Bye kitties
See you next month and hopefully there will be no snow!

WAIT we can't go yet, come and quickly look at the beautiful room we have our party in.

Two full walls of windows facing the Cascade Mountain range. Click on it to make it big enough to feel like you are really here........OK good bye now!


mandy said...

I want those fingerless gloves by Annie! Gorgeous!

Christine said...

The mittens you made are beautiful, the cookies look too yummy, and I want a room like that in my house someday! :)

Fonnell said...

If you want I'll make you some gloves after Christmas.

The neat thing about Dorothy's house is she and her husband built it so many years ago. She has wonderful stories of her adventures and I marvel at how different life was back then.


knits plenty said...

My fondness memories are the Christmas parties at Dorothy's house and everyone there, and I often think of those who are no longer with us. I hope everyone has the best Holiday ever, and I miss you all so much. Love Diana=)

Fonnell said...

We miss you a lot too! We all talked of you at the party wondering if you would sneek over the mountain and surprise us. Hope to see you sometime and Merry Christmas dear friend!

lyndy said...

Brings back memories!

Anonymous said...

Looks like another wanderful Christmas party at Dorothy's, your pictures were great. It was good to see the ladys,they never seem to change. Love the fingerless gloves you got. I know why you all made fingerless, so you can keep warm and still work on your may projects. Your gloves turned out beautiful, love all the colors, Watch out here comes a snow ball!

Hildred said...

After so many wonderful years hearing of Dorothy Days I am just so pleased to see pictures of all your dear friends who delight in those special Mondays.

Everything looks lovely, - fingerless gloves, mittens, beautiful home, goodies!!!

And everyone looks lovely too....