Sunday, December 28, 2008

Planning for a New Year

What are you planning for your new year? I like to think of what I'd like to mold the year into. Not thinking of resolutions, just a new start, new ideas. Maybe I'll add something back into my life I've missed. I used to be very controlled and planned and could add and remove parts of my life with ease. The last few years have left me spinning and I am just now starting to get grounded again. I can feel the inches of a plan coming back to me.
I lost my voice with the thyroid issue and it's time to bring the voice back. I have a plan. Something I want to do. So that's one thing to bring back. I'm missing some other things to that need to be brought back in 2009.
Oh maybe you'd like to just start something brand new. That sounds fun. I don't need more hobbies so starting something new has to offer me something solid. I need to start a business. I learned to make patterns for other people this year and I'm timid about turning it into a business but if you need a pair of pants that fit because you couldn't find any I can make you a pair of pants. Is that a business?
So what will you plan for this new year? A new hair style? A new friend, a hobby, a skill, a place you might go. Please don't do the same thing year after year. Let this beginning of 2009 be a kick off place.
I'm looking forward to your comments "Planning for a New Year". Everyone who comments gets their name (one for each new comment) in a bowl and I'll draw one out for something fun. I will let you know what in a day or two. Have some fun and you only have until Jan 1st to put in your comments.
Don't keep me snowed in this long I start to get a little dazed, this is the mind of a lonely snowed in person!

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