Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Games for the holidays

I loved having my kids home from School! (one of my biggest pleasures was the years they home schooled and were home every day) It's about time for many schools to send the kids home for a couple of weeks. Have lots of games and projects on hand to keep them busy.

Some of the cut and fold projects would be good printed on card stock. You can buy it in a ream just like printer paper. Be sure and tell your printer that you are now using heavier paper. And don't forget to replace the card stock when you leave or the next persons map or recipe will be on cardboard!

Enjoy and because the resources are un-known (Amazing Auntie, the grocery store, the school, I saved them all) use them for yourself and don't publish these....he he

I know this is mirrored, it says "Jolly Santa"

Cut out, fold on dotted lines and tape sides together to form a Santa pyramid

Grab some paper bags and make holiday puppets, do color them first

Here are some scrambled projects

Now for some word hunt games

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