Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saying Good-bye

This is Kallee last Christmas 19 years old
Yes I still have the note!

1990 At the Ferry dock heading for the San Juan's
That is my sister with the girls.
The camping trip we got Kallee on. The littlest girl in the red pants now has two children and will soon be 25 years old. Kallee was with us for so very long. Coming home with Kalee

The princess of our family has left us. She will be missed so much. We can't be too sad because she has lived a long happy life. She became ours in a most unusual way. We were camping with the kids in the San Juan islands. My sister had come from Los Angeles for a visit. We were having such a fun time. The girls befriended the camp ground cat. A young thing, very sweet and cuddly. Kitty knew to go from campsite to campsite to pick up food at meal times and in between she knew where the loving children were all camping and she visit those camps for love and play.

The day before we left a note appeared in the girls bathroom. You can see that note above. My family thought that was a perfectly clear invitation and talked to me with so much enthusiasm. I did what every smart mom should do I said "we'll talk to your dad". Soon the rules of acquisition were set. If the kitty was in our camp site when we got in the car to leave we would take her. No one was allowed to pre-urge kitty to our site. We would be too busy taking tents down and cleaning up.

The day to leave was tense. The girls eyed the bushes, they watch the road, but no sign of the campground kitty. Sadly everyone began to drag, slowly, themselves to the car. Phil and I feeling relief in the event. Suddenly out of no where kitty walked up to the car and began asking for attention. A note was put in the women's bathroom saying four adorable girls and a brother were taking the kitty home to the mainland. We named her after the ferry we went home in, the Kaleetan. The Kaleetan is named for a mountain peak northwest of Snoqualmie Pass. Our kitty was called Kallee.

She was our princess, sharing her time by sleeping on each bed of the household a couple of nights at a time. She'd trade off laps and let the younger girls dress her up in silly clothes. When she had kittens (not long after we got her) she made sure everyone was there to see them born. This morning when she passed away she made sure I was there to see her off. She was a loving cat who shared herself completely!

Good-bye Kallie (the spelling changed as time wore on) we hope the cat food in Heaven is the very best kind! No family could have a more lovable cat........ the note was correct!!

Post Script: Dear family your dad and I gave Kalee a loving burial. I sewed her a pretty white case with big red hearts all over it. We said a little prayer to ask that heaven give her a big welcome. Wish you all could have joined us but I know you were all here in spirit. Sorry to have to tell you


Lyndy said...

Oh Kallie, we love you so much. You are the most loving, understanding, and giving kitty! We will miss you. You are such a beautiful cat and a true friend. We have loved sharing life with you.

George said...

So sad Kallie has left us... but somehow, she's been with us so long I'm sure she will never truly leave us... I'm glad you could be there with her mom.

Zig said...

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of her. And for being with her when she left so that she was not feeling alone but in comfort.

I had such a busy few weeks that I didn't read this till Aug.23.

Now I guess I go to sleep a bit sad.
Love you Mom.