Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fair weather

I make a point not to count the days on my fair work. Someone at the door very early in the morning before anyone was there said "only 8 days left". Well, I never listen. I let my head just be in the moment. HOWEVER.......
When you get winter weather in August you begin to think counting days would be OK. We are freezing and wet in the barns and bleach boy has been fighting flooding in the 4H areas. So I hope for something better in the week. A bit of sunshine and warmth. Until then here are some photos of what has been going on.
Lets see this is day????????
It's the Evergreen Fairs 100Th birthday and our building was assigned to be 1908-1919. There are some fun events and decorations around our hall. This is a WWI poster the "great war"
Doesn't she look wonderful! As if she just stepped out of 1912.
This is Jean over with the bees.

The superintendents are in and out of period clothes they made themselves.

There was even a fashion show. I was the cleaning lady, a friend sewed me an apron of the time and with all my many layers of clothes on I put on the apron and joined in the fun.

We even had the Titanic ladies join us. We hopped in the boat with Molly and didn't go down with the ship!

Another big surprise was when Cascade, a price winning band, appeared outside my door. They filled this big open area of the fair. For about 30 minutes it was pure chaos and then suddenly everything was gone. For a moment it felt like we were at Tafts election rally in 1908.

Well I'm off to open the my barn and start another fun filled day of surprises at the Evergreen State Fair!

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lyndy said...

All the pictures make me really wish I could be there!