Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting hotter shall we think cool food

One thing nice you get with heat is pretty sunsets.

My fridge has died. I knew this winter that it was the cool house keeping it at a safe temperature, but now with the heat it surely is dead! 20 degrees too warm for healthy eating. Remember the blog I wrote about picnic food? Keep cold food below 45 degrees F. Well for your refrigerator you need to keep it around 38 degrees F. We found, as we tested this week, that just opening the fridge for a moment will make the temperature go up nearly 5 degrees. Think what it does when you stand and search the fridge. Most often this is not a problem with a healthy fridge but ours could not recover from being opened.
This is a reminder that with the summer getting so warm you should turn your fridge dial so it is a bit cooler, so your opening it won't cause too much trouble.
Now eating in the summer is fun, it's fresh and we don't have to heat up the house to do it.
I remember the first home microwave ovens. With some practice you can make great food in one and not heat up the kitchen. So I'm going to give you some recipes from my microwave collection.
The other thing is cookies. Make them in a saucepan. Do you know about the boiled chocolate, oatmeal cookies? They go by many names but I will included that recipe for those who don't have a boiled cookie recipe.
And to top it all off salads are perfect for dinner meals. I'll even toss in some recipes for kids cool food. This will take a couple of days. It will give me something to type besides fair paperwork.
Check back each day and collect the recipes.

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Jessica said...

Yea! I cant wait to see all the recipes. I am always looking for fun, new things to try. Thanks!