Friday, August 22, 2008

For you Georgia

We started celebrating! The first day of fair went perfect. Only a touch of rain. I met lots of very nice people and today hopefully will be the same.
I made this cake from Styrofoam and chemise and my sister Georgia made a whole box of ribbon roses and shipped them to be as fast as she could. I promised her some photos so here they are I hope you enjoy them
I was shocked at how very many people had to reach out to touch this fabric cake and see if it was real. It is providing some great amusement.
On a mommy note; when my kids were babies and children I learned to be a night person so I could sew. In the 70's we mostly sewed everything we needed to wear and I loved the quiet, uninterrupted night work. That served me again with this cake. It was a real pleasure to do this between the hours of 1am and 3am because I didn't have to stop a million times and redo what didn't work. It just fell together.
See you at the fair!


Toots said...

That's just beautiful! I didn't realize it was made out of fabric until you started talking about how people had to touch it to double check (so I'm not the CLOSEST of readers...). I'm terrible when it comes to sewing/knitting/doing just about anything at night, because I get so fuzzy in the head and frustrated. Then somehow it's miraculously easy to do the next day. Yeesh! Thankfully, no one depends on my ability to be productive at night. They just depend on you :-)

Jessica said...

That is such a beautiful cake! I would have had to touch it looks so real!