Thursday, August 14, 2008

it's that time of year!

This is how we start! Empty
This is how we work really hard!..........hehe
Up Up and AWAY
Can this be the Superintendants?
Look what she made!
All Finished and looking beautiful!
Come to the Evergreen State Fairs 100th year
Aug 21-Sept 1st
See you at the fair.....
Yes here we go...........It's up early and off to bed late! Fair Season has begun. I have a stack of really fun things sitting on my blog table but you will have to wait until fair starts and things calm down. Sorry I like that you check my blog and I don't want to loose you.
All the quilts and dresses, and purses are all judged and today we start arranging them in a way that they will look beautiful!
So from the photos above (taken a couple of years ago) you can see that we go from a big ugly barn to the amazing photo at the bottom..
See you all again after the 21'st. Once fair starts all I do is visit with everyone and just have a really good time! I'll have energy for blogs then.

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mandy said...

We haven't made it out there before, but we're planning on it this year, if only to see the quilts! Thanks for all your hard work!

P.S. I saw your ferris wheel picture on King 5 News last year--what a beauty!