Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More on food storage

I bought this book in 1974. I'm sure the price makes that clear to see, it's a big book!
I promised more on food storage. I'm not sure what you each need. You should store nutritious stuff right. Easy to prepare foods. Foods that are familiar to your family. It's just that easy.
Many people ask me how to prepare food from their storage. I'm asking why do you need that if you are storing what your family will eat? Aw yes you have a year's worth of wheat berries? Well you might have a gold mine there. There are now grain shortages, both wheat and rice. They are growing in price more and more. If you don't have any stored now is not a good time, it will cost you too much in most cases.
So now what? Beans. Yes a wonderful source of protein! I have can's of black beans, garbanzo, little navy beans, kidney, cannelini, butter beans, pinto, and small reds. Oh, all kinds! The added bonus with canned beans is you have some fluid in the cans that can be used by your body in an emergency. The other bonus is a can is good for resources. Think about this, if you have to cook something a long time it takes fuel, lots of fuel and a liquid to cook it in. Fine for most cases, but if you don't have easy heat sources, as in after an earthquake, you want that food in cans! You will save money to buy dried beans for storage, just remember to store the fuel you need to cook them. The other thing you need is a good hand operated can opener. Yes more and more cans come with pop tops. I'm not happy with these. I worry that they won't store as long, but just keep rotating them and you will be fine.
What do I do with my canned beans? I have a great Vegetarian chili I make that everyone loves. One of my favorite fast things to do with any kind of bean is open the can, I take out my Bamix (hand held blender tool) and put it right in the can and blend. When I pull the wand out I have re-fried beans without the frying. I can use these on crackers, in sandwiches, on tortillas for burritos, on flat bread for dipping into. You can add spices and garlic and a bit of olive oil for great dipping food. You have my black beans and yellow rice recipe on the CD.
Another good reason to introduce your family, and your food storage, to beans is how good they are for you. If you want a good cook book to work from go to the library and get "The New American menu" by David and Nicki Goldbeck. The book came out in 1983 and I bought it new and began using it then so if you have questions do ask. It's an excellent way to eat and lots of recipes. So beans have a good quantity of protein, an abundance of complex carbohydrates, calcium and iron. As you may already know soybean is very high in protein comparable to most meats, in usable protein and it stores longer and safer than meat. Remember my first food storage blog about the need for protein.
1 ounce of common dried beans 100 calories and 6.7 grams protein 1 cup common beans cooked 225-250 calories and 14-16 grams protein 1 cup sprouted beans 35 calories and 4 grams protein 1 ounce of dried soy beans 115 calories and 10 grams protein 1 cup soy beans cooked 235 calories and 20 grams protein 1 cup soy bean sprouts 45 calories and 6 grams protein Nuts and seeds are a nice source of protein but they go rancid so keep them frozen and rotate. I have pumpkin seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, walnut, almonds, and pine nuts. These can go in cereals, baked goods on top of veggies, in salad. They add valuable oils and fiber to your diet.
I don't want to discount grains, they are very good for you and they do have protein but it takes a much larger serving of a grain to give you the quantity of protein you get in beans etc. Added to your meals you will increase the value of protein and give your body lots of fiber. Whole grains provide your body with vitamin B's, some natural oils and lots of fiber! My sister and I were remembering our daily breakfast of cracked wheat cooked and serve with honey and milk. It lasted easily until lunch. We were not hungry after that hearty meal. You'll find some recipes for this on your basics Cd.
I hope this gets you started thinking about some healthy foods to store. Next time I will cover the vitamins you can't live without and what to store to get them. Ask questions, offer us your ideas and thoughts. We aren't finished here yet. We will also cover the hows of storing whole foods, and preparation.
Now that all brings me to mind an old song I learned as a child. You can sing along too......
Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow Oats, peas, beans and barley grow Oats, peas, beans and barley grow Neither you, nor I nor anyone knows How oats, peas, beans, and barley grow.
For the tune, go to: http://www.kididdles.com/mouseum/o001.html

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Eden said...

Okay, here's the song I remember:
Beans, beans the musical fruit,
The more you eat the more you toot...
So, my question is, what do we do about the gassy digestion of beans? Is there something we can do to treat the beans? I heard that some beans are lighter on the gas than others. What can you tell us?