Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's April Fools Day!

Another birthday, Happy Birthday brother-in-law Mike!
So Aprils fools day origin seems to be lost in antiquity. Some historians think it went to Romans times and the legend of Persephone the daughter of Ceres. she was taken away by Pluto to live in a lower world. However she could hear the cries of her daughter and spent all Spring searching for her. It however was a "Fools" errand. In the lower world she would never find her daughter! So how could this signal a day for merriment?
In France after the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1564 news traveled very slowly. France was slow in learning that the new years day April 1 was now Jan 1. so the custom of New years celebrating and gifts continued on April 1st until the word finally got out. Now this sounds more like it.
For our family it's a day of comical surprise rather than practical jokes. Lunch meats came packaged with a paper copy of the meat on top. My mother used to leave the paper in my sandwich. When it happened not on April 1st I began to wonder if she accidentally left it that April Fools day before. It was a shock to bite into that paper meat!
The original idea was to take a brake from the daily routine and play together as a community. I think we are well past this.
However today a trip to the post office took place with great merriment! So everyone who ordered a basics Cd watch for a package like the above. I let the artist in me think "Basic" so the packaging is just that. Hope you enjoy it.
Maybe you can end you day by hanging your dinner spoons on your nose. Sounds like a fitting activity to entertain the family on Aprils Fools day! It's not hard to do. Heavy spoons are best as in old silver or your dinnerware. Warm it up a bit and just stick it on. Some people have trouble maybe the spoon isn't a good fit for them. For some people that ole spoon stays right on that nose.
Have fun!

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