Friday, April 4, 2008

A few things to note on Basics Cd

Did you receive your Basics cd? I hope so. There are 393 files on it and I know you will be looking at it for a while. Hopefully putting it to use. I of course am seeing all that I wish I have included. (hence Basics #2 will be started) But my concern now is that I've noticed some things that need to be clarified. One does run out of time on a big project and I proofed it several times and still missed a few things.


In the South Beach diet I put in a Phase 1. Well it isn't the South Beach phase 1 I had hoped for it is an Oprah diet push. If you want the phase 1 of south beach and I must say again I loved the south beach best of all I would be happy to e-mail you a pdf. Oh and the issue with a Pdf is that it prints exactly as you scanned it. so you get a nice 8.5 X11 paper when it prints.


If you want to see the cute folder photos I put on when you open the Cd go to the top of your computer screen and click view and change it to thumb print. I don't know why it didn't stay that way when I burned the cd.


Under Hypnoses I should have divided that folder into three folders. The tracks labeled unknown...2-9 are information on how it works and what it is and isn't. They can be listened to in order. I didn't put #1 in as it was just a music intro.

Then Body III and Nutrition, Practical matter I and II and III and IV have lots of information, who can be hypnotized, what should you think about during this process, what is good eating habits and these have some great ways to deal with food. Some of this will have repeated comments as these are from two different Cd collections. Both have helpful ideas for someone interested in dieting this way or any way. I did not put any hynoses sessons on this Cd thought you would just want to learn something about it. I use this even now, as it is such a help to me!


I have included several Make-a-mix collections. This is where you make a big batch of a dry mix and keep it around for making quick food. I'm sorry but I moved these into their respective folders and now I'm thinking you might want to know where they are. Yes some of that fast chocolate snack cake sounds good on this chilly rainy day. There is make-a-mix cakes in the treats-cakes file. There is puddings in the treats-pudding file. There is master mix in the Hint and tips-cooking hints-master mix and how to use it. I have no idea what made me put it there. It is full of recipes for just about anything you can think of all made from a mix just like Bisquick. So hopefully this will help you located those make a head yummies.

I am sure I will find more. I guess I shouldn't look!

Oh and remember below if you want ,to get so close to that sound water, just click on the photo and it will enlarge and you can nearly touch that ferry. Smiles


Toots said...

Holy cow Sister Reagan! I wasn't expecting it to be so involved and perfect! And I love the little bag it came in, did you make that? It's beautiful! I can't wait to try everything out in it. Thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! I didn't realize it was cost five bucks to send it either, did you want to be reimbursed for that at all (or for the trouble?)? Is that bad manners? I try so hard. It's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. I'm seeing my mom tonight--she's in town, and I'll make sure to show it to her. Thank you again!

Fonnell said...

well I certainly am pleased to hear you like it all. Yes the bags were a fun sewing project. Something basic. Isn't a snap just the perfect basic item. Now don't anyone worry about the postage. It was a shock, there are now all these fuel surcharges on things. We will come up with a way to share the cost next time. Say "Hi" to your mom, cool lady that she is!