Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lets go flying

So here's another burst of fun from one of my favorite books 'The Quality Tme Almanac'
We are going to fly a paper clip kite. First find a magnet. OK something off the fridge or maybe you have a nice strong one! All magnets will work just in different degrees.
Next you need sewing thread. Yes it needs to be nice light stuff so no knitting yarn. This has to be able to fly remember.
Of course the paper clips are next. And a curious child would be nice to have around.
Tie one end of a 12" piece of thread to a paper clip. Tape the other end to the tabletop of floor.
This is simple, catch the paper clip with the magnet and pull it up to the full length of the thread. You can even pull the magnet up and away slightly from the clip. This will test the strength of that kitchen magnet! he he
You can swing back and forth just go slowly and your kite will sway. This is something for those really young ones to watch as mom or dad does the show.
You can make magnetic spinners by tying one end of a thread to a handle on a high kitchen cabinet. Making the thread nice and taunt pull the thread straight down. tie it to something fun that will hold it down. Put three paper clips about 1" away from each up in the center of the thread. Now by moving the magnet up and down the surface just outside of the paper clips (that means don't touch those clips to the magnet) the paper clips will spin.
The book warns if this doesn't work.........Your magnet is too weak.
Enjoy that paper clip flying

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