Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Flynn! 2 years old today.

Flynn's dad's 2nd birthday
It's wonderful to turn two years old. It has been passing through the one year olds of the family this year. I hope Flynn has had an exciting day and that someone brought in that donut with a candle to wake the boy. What is your birthday traditions?
I don't have any current photos of Flynn so I took one off their blog so you can see his cute little face!
The top photo is of Flynn's dad's 2nd birthday. Flynn is our sons little boy. The first grandchild in the family to carry that nice Irish family name. His claim to fame!


Eden said...

Thank you for the post. I love that you put both boys' 2nd year pictures up. Everyone tells me how much Flynn looks like his dad, so it's fun to look back at an old picture and compare.

George said...

Happy Birthday Flynn!
Now why can't I see the picture of Clint... it is hidden behind Flynn? Maybe if you put more spaces between them? I've tried refreshing the page and it won't work...