Friday, February 29, 2008


So we start the march birthdays. Shannon is the first of 4 march birthdays in our family. I was in labor with her on Feb 29th, leap day. We watched the clock carefully. Other interesting things about Shannon's arrival? The Sound of Music was on TV for the first time and I wouldn't leave for the hospital until all 3 hours of it was finished. (labor was nothing to me) It was the Nation's bicentennial year and everyone had gone back to old crafts and the U.S was a buzz with celebrations. It snowed the day she was born, a rare thing on any day in Ukiah but really unusual for March. The hospital she was born in was a converted home. I'd say she was born in the kitchen area and we slept in the family room. It was a hospital! All the new moms were in one room and with the snow the dad's weren't driving in to pick us up so we had an all night party. One mom had a C-section and couldn't laugh without crying. Some one had junk food and it was a wonderful first day for Shannon. Also the longest I got to stay in the hospital. With the other 4 it was a matter of hours not over night. So a Big Happy Birthday to our 2nd child, our first daughter. The calm baby that gave two very tired parents the brake they needed! We love you tons mom and dad

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Clint said...

Gee whiz! I'm sorry I made it so that Shannon was the break you needed. Thank you for posting the picture; we saved it into our library.