Sunday, February 17, 2008

an old trusted stain remover

Today's hint is Fels Naptha. A large bar of great soap. It has special uses. In the 1920's they washed children who used bad language mouths out with it. YUCK. It's not good for the skin so don't use it in the shower or mouth. What it is good for is spot removing! I've kept a bar in my laundry items for over 30 years. When the traditional spot removers don't work, wet the area and the bar of soap and rub it into the spot. It’s a hard milled soap so it takes a bit to work up a lather. Make sure you get it into the stain. It's amazing how many times I've gotten out stains that wouldn't come out with anything else. New fabric is such a blend of real and unreal. Caution would be advised. I do know that most spray and wash type stain removers are designed to remove food stains, enzymes related. Fel's Naptha is a grease buster. I find if you don't wear an apron (something serviceable) while cooking you can get little round grease stains that never come out. This is were Fels Naptha shines. Look for it in the laundry area of the store and don't be shocked at its price. A bar lasts and lasts. 10 years per bar if you are lucky. One other use, poison oak , ivy and sumac. A good washing of the oozing skin with a bar of Fels' will help slow it's progress and dry it up. Smiles Grammie person

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The Stokes said...

Somehow I have 2 of these bars!! I guess they will last through my great-grandchildren! Although I can never seem to get it wet enough, it's still always so chalky.