Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Keeping cut flowers fresh

Did you get flowers for Valentines? Is a bouquet in your future?
Here are some hints for making them last as long as possible.
If they come with a little packet of flower extender that's good. Gently pull the flowers up and out of their vase in one tight bundle. Trim all the stems at an angle. Stir in the powder packet. Return flowers. They should be still nicely arranged if they were to begin with.
The flower extender is really just bleach and sugar. You can do that yourself. You don't need much. I change the water every 3 days or so and re-cut the ends. I can keep a bouquet beautiful for the longest time!
I know it's not lilac season YET! But it will be and I will give you a hint on what to do for keeping woody cut plants nice.
First hint is to cut Lilac just as they start to bloom. Not in full bloom it's too late then. Cut in the morning, this is true of all cut plants. In the Pacific Northwest we have cool days and can cut clear past noon on most days and still have plenty of fragrance in our flowers. Oh yes heat not only removes important moisture from the plant but it gases off the fragrance oils. Those you want in your house! Now remove most of the green foliage. You can add leaves on their own. Make a mix of 8 ounces of tepid water, 8 ounces of a soda drink , 7-up etc. (has to have sugar in it) a teaspoon of bleach and stir. This goes in your vase. Save the rest in a plastic jug, you'll use it all flower season. This works like magic!
One last note I learned in Floral design. Most flowers like cool water, but roses like a warmish water.
So are you finding things that help on my blog? Who is reading? If you think your friends would enjoy this blog feel free to pass it long.
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Hildred said...

Fonnell, - I think your blog is just great, - never mind just for the kids, - you have so much knowledge that even old ladies can enjoy it and learn. I hope you keep it up.