Sunday, February 17, 2008

It is the piggys again!

So a little something for those babies who aren't so much any more. Remember 'this little piggy'? The one year olds love this game of touching their toes and doing the rhythm. Now something for the two's and Three's. A more lively rhythm and a lot of fun. It's not new, it is old, from Grammie's memory. Here goes: Start at which ever end of the toes you wish. Touch the first toe etc as you say this.... This little piggy stubbed his toe. This little piggy said , "Oh! Oh!" (when in the mood I carry the Oh! on and on) This little piggy laughed; he was bad. This little piggy cried; he was sad. This little piggy was very good; He ran for the doctor as fast as he could.

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The Stokes said...

I don't know if i've ever heard that one! It would take a bit to get it memorized though.