Wednesday, September 17, 2008

work with children? Need a project? How about an airplane.

Use felt pens to draw faces on your wrestlers, loop a sturdy rubber band twice around the two clothespins, twist the whole thing around a few times and let go! you can color them different and see which ends up on top as the winner!

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The book this came from is OLD and it doesn't fit my scanner to well so.......
the supplies are a package of smarties and rubber bands, 2 lifesavers which come in individual wraps now!

It is a new school year and the scouts, and campfire girls and organizations that work with children are trying to get started with a bang! But you will wear down and for you I am going to do a couple of easy projects that don't take much to put together.
Hope it helps!
I have a collection from both Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts If you need something just ask!

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Zig said...

The airplane looks so fun! Thanks!

By the way, the top of your scan cuts off the words of the first few supplies needed.