Friday, September 5, 2008

What Mother Nature can do

It was a normal enough Sunday

When the storm began to waltz in

First one rainbow, then two, soon one large bright one!

The sun not wanting to be out done by the rainbow tossed some golden into the air...

But the sun never likes to be out done and must always out do...

People were puzzled, should they run for cover? Was the lightening dangerous? A women from another state asked me what it all meant?

it grew and grew

Big rain drops and lightening commented back to greedy Sun....

Cloud brought out his dragon to frighten sun back to the work of his setting......

Dragon roared and growled!

And in one last big breath sun colored all that was there and we were in Awe!

Nothing is as magical and wild as Mother Nature!

I took these photos outside my door at the Evergreen State Fair. I used a Cannon D-30 to take the photos.

1 comment:

Hildred said...

Beautiful photography Fonnell, and a magical time at the Fair. Better than fireworks!!!

I have really enjoyed your Fair postings, and will be writing SOON!