Monday, September 29, 2008

All the lovely things that come in the fall

After a week of migraines my head is mostly empty. I do however feel the cool nights and see the maples changing colors so I am drawn to fall. I grew up in L.A. and fall just didn't happen like it does here. The colors of fall are good-bye colors, they lead us into winter. I have two friends who love the fall colors and look terrific in them, this time of year reminds me of them. I can shop the fiber sells with Dolores and always point her to stuff she will like!

My youngest was born in the fall, I was married in the fall, and our maple leaves all fall in the FALL. Oh a good hint for raking the leaves, if your hands find the handles too small to enjoy holding put a piece of foam pipe cover over your rake handle. Works perfectly. I have carpel tunnel syndrome and can't close my hands tightly and this really makes a nice size to grip.

Another exciting thing that happens this time of year is PUMPKINS! How I love going to a pumpkin farm. This year I seem to have my own. One of the neighbor girls planted pumpkin seeds in a tiny paper cup. We moved it into one of our garden boxes and now it owns the yard! This vine is all over the place. I'm hoping the 80 degree heat the next two days will help those pumpkin's along! I should take photos of this vine, well not at 2am but when the sun comes out!

The pumpkins may be the only garden success this year. I planted in a hurry this year but did make some loose records of the plantings. I couldn't buy seeds, still no job, so I pulled out the stash. Seeds ranging from last year to 5 years back. I planted double everything. So here's the scoop. Failure, Failure, Failure. Seeds need to be planted, seeds collected, often to keep them viable. So none of the onions grew, not even leeks! Carrots being the oldest seeds did amazingly well. Still not big enough to eat, odd weather this year. Two broccoli plants came up out of three packages and no flowers! I got two bok coy that was nice. No cabbage.....Oh it's too sad to go on with what didn't come up. The value in this is clear. USE FRESH SEEDS or grow them out each year.

With this bit of Indian summer coming (a sudden bit of heat in the fall) I think I will take a walk and collect some of the dry stuff that would look good in a vase. This is the time of year you will find interesting stuff growing on the road sides. This and some colorful leaves make a great table center piece. Gourds and pumpkins really add to the fun of the fall so put them at your front porch.

This is often the end of the star gazing so be sure and spend an evening out looking at why we are so small in the reality of all else! I have a telescope that gives me a lot of pleasure.

Fall is also the time of year I make a couple of batches of soap. They will be ready for holiday gift giving. Speaking of gift giving, now is the time to plan and start your projects. We never finish them all so don't plan too deeply! Just start something. One thing.

Ok time for bed....enough of all this fall stuff.

I'll add more photos tomorrow!

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