Monday, September 22, 2008

Camping Pacific Northwest style

I know how to camp! Have always been more comfortable outside than in. When I was a kid I would plan to run away from home when we were camping. I met bleach boy when he was dating my camp and sporting director, so what if I was only 13 years old I thought he was cute! I was delighted when he'd drive us to trail heads for our hiking trips. Seems I'm still enjoying bleach boys company in the great out doors!

This week-end we went to Ft. Casey on Whidbey island.

There are some interesting sounds that come with camping on Whidbey. There is a ferry that leaves from the edge of the Ft. Casey camp ground, a little ferry and it blows it's little horn as it comes and goes and as kayaks go near it's path. Ft Casey has a light house and I didn't hear the fog horn from that direction so it may only be a light. Bleach boy loves the sound of the jets, The whidbey island Naval Air Station is here and there are lots of jets flying by. When the kids were little we camped on different parts of the island enough that we grew used to the sound of the jets right over your head. This trip it came as a surprise the first couple of fly bys!

In the northwest you must be ready for any kind of weather if you camp. I wasn't sure I had all that I needed. We haven't done this in a while, busy with the adult lives of our kids. I collected from my memory and my memory proved correct. LAYER EVERYTHING, your tents, your clothes, your eating tables, your bikes! etc and etc. I had a totally fun week-end. Rain, and fog!

Here are some photos for Katie of her parents, & for my kids to let them know their parents still have what it takes! We have been camping with Katie's family for 30 plus years. I remember one year over Lincolns February birthday (yes it was once it's own holiday) we camped on a rainy week-end at Deception pass. The census team insisted on counting us because we looked like we lived there. No one would camp in the rain with so many kids! We kept telling them we had warm, dry homes and had already filled out our census papers but they weren't buying that!

It doesn't look like a good start, leaving Thurs at noon on the Mukilteo ferry
A great smokeless fire!

Bleach boy is filling out our camping form. This camp ground did the campsite juggle the whole week-end. If you didn't like your site you moved when an empty became available. I've never seen it happen like this. People would line up to change sites. very funny! The tent behind bleach boy is us.

This is not my style of camping. At first we were the only tent. I've noticed the beach side camp grounds are usually all RVs. Ft. Warden is the same way.

Those that were diving spent a lot of time checking the current, and tide charts,I think that phone call Scott is making is a birthday call for his sister-in-law.

I made a fresh blackberry tart for dinner and it was wonderful! You can get the recipe on this site

Ft. Casey has lots of great places to explore,the light house, gun banks plus several big lawns. We liked to bring the kids over even for the day to fly kites & bleach boys paper airplanes. Shan and I found some big kids who like to fly the paper planes!

There are two things that take place in paper airplane flying....flying and chasing

Not at all bothered by the little planes

Bleach boy loves the shipping traffic past the island

See that big ship on the left?

Shock! The fog broke just as the sun was going down. The only sun all week-end. I was biking over to the dive site and caught this on my cell phone.

shan and I catching up on some reading. Actually I read a whole book this week-end. Some of it by lantern some by flashlight.

Are you catching what's happening here? It's raining and wet tents don't go in dry canvas bags! They must just be dumped in the car. This was our first camping trip with the Volvo. NOT as easy as with the van!

Always! always bring stuff to do while you wait for your ferry. I had a toy & book collection just for ferry waiting. Guess it's a good time to go home, the rain is winning!

One last thing. Here is the winter schedules for what Washington state parks are open for winter camping!

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