Monday, September 8, 2008

making a fast side dish

We are busy people! Aren't you? Sometimes meal times sneak up on us and I'm left doing a hurry up job. This has become a favorite hurry up side dish. You don't need a recipe for baked beans. Just some cooking hints. Cook it "FAST" in your microwave. Open cans of different beans. I like the small whites, but anything will work. Use two different beans for variety. Some that I have used are Cannellini, aduki, small whites, great Northerns, red beans, black beans, pinto. I don't like kidney in baked beans.
DRAIN the beans
Add any amount of your choice of ingredients:
a shake of Worcestershire sauce
left over barbecue sauce
brown sugar
Grated onions
bacon or left over pork
Stir it up really well.
With the lid off Microwave checking and stirring every 4 minutes. It has taken my microwave about 15 minutes to thicken the beans but you will find the better you drain the faster it goes.
Kids don't always like beans, but once they taste the sweetness they sometimes change their mind. We call them candied beans. Bleach boy thinks I fuss and bake for hours when I put this on the table. If only he really knew!

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