Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden box update

side garden on the south wall
Oh yes the heat has made some things grow and other things went straight to seed. Compare my garden photos to the ones a few months ago. You can see what we are getting a lot of now! Wow are fresh veggies good. It's never too late to start a small container garden. Do a lot of careful watering in this heat. Avoid getting water on the leaves if you are in the sun, and water deeply. click to enlarge and see all the different plants.

UP Up we go, up the verticals!

kale before

Kale now

Joi choi before

Joi Choi now

Ching-chang a mini pac choi early harvest

baby beets then

Beets (use some of the leaves as they grow for salad) now

China Express cabbage

Rainbow chard, all parts are eatable

egg plant then

Egg plant now


Broccoli went to seed before growing much

Potatoes doing wonderfully growing in a trash can

Cucumber then

Carrots then

Carrot now

onions then

Pumpkins then

Basil then

Back yard garden now

left to right, ching-chang, Nasturtium, Swiss chard, more Nasturtium

Behind, patty pan summer squash

Onions, pac choi, nasturtium, basil, basil , rainbow chard behind

onions now


Hildred and Charles said...

Your garden is looking just fabulous, Fonnell. Yummy, - all of it!

I hope Phil is progressing as well - our thoughts, prayers and smiles.

Diana said...

Your garden is fabulas, and for over there it's really great, it's nice when the hard work is rewarded.
So what's the matter with Phill?
Happy Gardening! Diana

Judith said...

So sorry to hear about Gracie. That is a sad spot in your heart.

Thank you for the most current photo of Phil. He looks good [at least the parts I can see] better than I expected. He sounded goog on the phone today. I'm sure the heat is making you all nuts. I hope you get relief soon.

Love those veggies, Judy

Eden said...

I love it. Won't you make me up a yummy salad and send it to me. I could use some fresh veggies out here. I'm so used to having them so accessible in SoCal that the prices here are killing me.