Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't get discouraged it's only January!

How do you Climb over an elephant?

I had two calls yesterday from some of the girls. One was under the weather because of a bug going around but it was keeping her from her plan for the new year. She had such a good start. Now she was discouraged.

Another daughter called frustrated with years of going backward on her goals. Makes me sad just to listen. She thinks she is failing most the time.

Then reading a friends blog posting that started like this: "How go the Resolutions, Horatio!!!The Resolve : to live a focused life...a simpler life. A cleaner life (that refers to my careless housekeeping) and a more mindful life.. (translated: don't forget to take bags to the grocery store, - you will never be able to recycle all those plastic bags into doormats!)" I realized how much we bank on that first start of a new plan. How important we make a new year beginning.

I just told you a week ago how much I like a beginnings, I don't suffer the frustrations of a plan not working at the new year. After the phone calls I was wondering why I don't. I looked at how I work on things for change and I think my life now features each day separated. Each day it's own little capsule. Yes today can only go the best I can make it, but tomorrow I have another try. I am always hopeful for the next chance to try again. A sweet friend once told me after her husband passed away she got up each day to quilt. I get up each day to see what might happen, one day at a time.

Don't get discouraged. If you become tired decide you will begin again, continue on that long battle to being better. Don't get upset with yourself. It's when we don't keep trying we should get upset. Remember after today you have tomorrow to put all your energy into.

One day at a time.

I wanted to give you some nice visual way to remember this concept. I went to my stash of old books and found my paper backs from when I was a kid. Now these consist of a lot of horse stories, a couple of chick books, some great classics and some funnies. So now enjoy my kid humor way to remember "You can do anything if you just keep going!"

How do you Climb over an elephant??????????

Grab his tail, climb up his back, dash to his head then slide down his trunk!



Christine said...

I'm the same way! I don't let setbacks get me down, I pick myself up and try again. If we gave up every time we fail at something, we'll never acoomplish anything! It's like having to rip out a whole quilt block because you pieced one part wrong, but if you fix it, you still have a beautiful quilt when you're done!

Fonnell said...

What a lovely example! You still have a beautiful Quilt. I'll remember that.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Thomas Edison says it "I didn't fail to make the light bulb 2000 times, I found 2000 ways that it won't work" He just kept trying

bleach boy....

Jessica said...

Great reminder to stay positive and keep going!