Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The gardening information has moved

The first thing I did with the group is have them make colored cards

Green for plants that go in the garden in Spring Red those heat loving plants that like the summer Orange plants like the cool and have enough time to make fall crops Yellow cards are for plants that have culitvars that will grow during any season The numbers are the length of time it takes them to produce in most parts of the country We however add two weeks to a month to the dates on the cards!

The sun comes out for longer bits of time and the air feels warmer when there aren't breezes. It signals the inter-gardener in me! I want to touch seeds and turn soil and grow things! When I wake at 5 am in the morning (not often!) I hear the birds busy, very busy. They know it's Spring and so do I!

I am working with a group of local ladies, most are brand new to gardening. With this in mind I started a blog just for them with lots of helpful things to get them started. For the last 4 weeks we have been meeting weekly and the class notes are on this blog also.

ONE BIG HEADS UP.......the information is all Northwestern in the planting times etc. All of the information will help anyone but know your own last frost date and adjust my suggestions to your region. If I can help please comment.

From here on out the gardening postings will be here:


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