Sunday, October 25, 2009

What happens when you dump the potatoes grown in a trash can!

Oh how I love to garden!

Fall is not going to keep my delight in homegrown food from slowing down. Today, after several nights of freezing weather, we decided to dump our potato can.

We've had this can for a lot of years but it doesn't aways work out so each time I dump a potato can I get some kind of surprise. I think I'll let the photos tell the story.

I'm cooking some right now for dinner. Yummy! Next year I'm adding a couple more trash cans.

The big green potato tops were melted after the last couple nights dusting of frost

I trimmed them down

Bleach boy spread out the tarp

As I pulled out the dead stems up came this beauty

Bleach boy has the dirt dumped out of my can in seconds.

I use Mel's mix in my can so it just slides out

Oh on first look it I see there are some nice surprises lurking!

Wow that's a big one

Well here they are a bit of dirt clinging

I pulled some potatoes early on so all total it's over 30 potatoes from a small can

One last thought, If you wonder about can drainage here is the bottom.

We don't remember what size drill bit we used but you can clearly see they are nice big holes.

Now is the time to plant your garlic, shallots etc. They use this cold time to put down good roots and lay still all winter and start back up in spring. Then the heat as it begins will make the bulbs produce as they think about going to seed. Such delight nature is.

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Eden said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! How I wish I could start over on my garden for this past year and do all the great things you've done. I'm totally converted.