Saturday, April 11, 2009

cradle your Easter Eggs

How I loved my Scout leader years! They gave me a wealth of crafts to pass along. Today we have a little wash cloth bunny to hold your Easter eggs.

I don't have any pretty colored Easter eggs to sit in this bunny

I bought a package of inexpensive wash cloths.

It was a bundle of white, pink and yellow. Lucky me!

Starting at a point roll to the center. center

At the opposite point roll to the center.

The two fluted ends become the ears of the bunny Take the roll and fold in half.
The egg will rest at the folded end
The ears and face will be made at the loose ends
The face is made by Holding the ears up and folding the two ends in half.

A small rubber band is then placed over a hand full of the folded ears. This will make a tiny double cheeked face. Make the rubber band tight. If you don't have one tightly wrap string around the face. This is how it looks when the rubber band is around. The face is ready for eyes and a nose

This is how it looks from the side

I glued on eyes and a nose and tied a ribbon on his head, You can use felt for the facial features

Be sure and add a little pom pom for his tail.

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Toots said...

That is so cute!!!